About me
My name is Teagan. I'm a 20-something mostly gay chick, living & working in the DC area. I'm also an orgasm donor. I am single, but I am *not* looking for anyone right now. I also like to flirt a lot (even if you're a "straight" chick), but don't take it personally. ;-)

I use this Tumblr to post news, images, videos, and other stuff for and about gay girls and their total awesomeness. I generally follow back if I notice you following me (if I don't, hit on me and I'll notice that).

If you're a Republican, or vote for Republicans, let me know if I accidentally follow you. I have a policy that I don't follow or associate with people who vote for politicians who'd deny me basic human rights as a woman or a non-heterosexual. See the link in the list about for a much broader explanation of my reasoning for this.

And finally, by following me you affirm that you're gay or bisexual, OR that although you may label yourself as "straight," you'd "go there" with someone of the same sex if given the opportunity. I'll operate under this assumption. ;)

chanelokitty: CHANELOKITTYfluent-in-lesbianism: subtext lesbians are my specialtylifehappenss: Trust the Process.fruitlooooped: oh hai.andthesorcerersstoned: ttheworthwhilefight: let's be more than thisbewhoyouareasloudlyaspossible: Lend me your ear, you might learn somethingthedoctorprescribedmethepills: let's get these teen hearts beating faster...weemomo: Mere you!punkassbitches: Simply Me.vaginaflap: Axiomgheythere: chaosfckdiamondsigotspinach: ♀♡♀daretoglance: ALYSSApartlylesbian: What Is Coming Is Better Than What Is Goneyou-turned-me-into-we: It only gets better.antiqutiynightmares: Im In Lesbians With Yougayvanbur3n: Life's a blooper, hit play.fuckyeahsexeducation: fuck yeah sex educationshitmysodasflat: The Cutter Conundrumuncertaintlycertain: Mark My Words I Might Be Something Somedayswisher-sweety: Im Lost But Im Hopefulskippingstonememories: Love Your Friends, Die Laughinglittle-lioncub: Young, Dumb, & Brokepictures-of--lily: Pictures Of Lily Made My Life So Wonderfuljustbelieveanddontlookback: Follow Your Blissztiluakilo: Life as I See itremonts: thatblackqueer: Unexplained Simplicityonceuponatimemeepandmoo: Courage, dear heart.xiushioverdose: AYO, WASSUP?snow-addams: white as snow, dark as morticiaeyes-like-a-car-crash69: Beautifully destructive.the-headstrong-girl: Forever Headstrongstraightedge-sage: Lost at Searoses-dont-last-forever: Personal Blogdescepter: Wabi-Sabiwrittentoberead: Smoshylife-is-an-understatement: Alyssa Christinegabracadabra: Gabi Bernard: Bun Specialistshearlyinked: Lesbihonestvalperch: Super Dykebiddiesbluntsbass: malaikakenya: carimehometonight: XXVI - And the story unfoldscemeterycigarettes: There is more to life than surviving it.rapmonsignor: fuck us zoom zoom zoomgalvanizeinfinity: Exhilaratingspringclean-mayqueen: human's not such a bad thing to belesbogini: god save the teenagersfallingasleepinherarms: Hello Lovely :)grace-never-given: We'll Need Grace That We're Never Given.intergalactic-queer: Hello To Neverglobal-passenger: Take a Breathaubryisgay: my releasepicardspajamas: Are You Ready to be Strong?sle-eper: alien slutdrewtheduckblue: Scattered Thoughtstaurophobia: breathe in deepwithoutlovethereisnolife: Real Impressionsyesworries: Flaming Homosapienpottermunchkin: When you can live forever, what will you live for?ifyouneedmeillbeinthecloset: LongShotLovepenis-hunger-games: food and sex are good motivators.how-woozy-my-heart: Miss Lumpy Space Princesskyubeydoobydoo: cosmic entity of terrorsunaffair: bad jokes, good vibes.shyet: don't step on flowersheytherekristie: 1,000milesorgasmictipsforgirls: orgasmic tips for girlscaptainfucko: la douleur exquisefuzzytummys: aspiring dadrestlesstoclimb: sippin' on sunshinegutig: Texan.sup-182: ayelahhdeedah: One Good Thinglizlikesgirls: i love girlsstayyy-faded-bro: ~Disasterology~keepcalm-and-carrieyawn: recklessrainbowsoul-surviv0r: Soul-Surviv0rfemme-inize: they call me troubleinfamousnfamous: Fresh Goth Stoner Deityshortstuff-haha5: So Happy I Could Diehours-feel-like-days: callmethebreezeee: I was born to be brave.youshowallthelittlelights: may you have fair winds and following seascirque-du-so-lez: GLORY AND GOREsparklesma: I'm Here.kawaiiviking: Maeメイnativebeaute: THE WILDreceivingmyself: Exceptionally Homoattuition: Perfect Stormtokinasian: tokinasian™lesbi-me: PEOPLE FUCKED ME UP.werunwithwolves: Be Youunlucky-17: The Letter I Never Wrote.lizzybrewer3096: Gayeee✌️itsprobablybetteroffthatway: Teeth Collideliz-skullcrusher-perash: Flustered, but Capable.viola-cielo: music speaks.jinxbaka: Polar Bears Rockbeezhappeez: Bee Happeeslore-slayer: Lovestrong.raenarvaexjr: lllllllllllllet's stopsydneythegay: Welcome to my Inner Sanctum.karawarhol: life imitates arthugthemountain: survivor;thenightreplacedtheday: 24.22diddle-myskittle: Crazy little place called my mindthesmileofawinchester: alienteacup: Alienteacuppotatowhore94: I am loving you moreforever-ginger: Sweet Insanityveex: Stay high3-2-1-lesbian: tmwykal🌻aria-nuh: sammy-jo19: Breathe me in..knocksyouoffyourfeet: xo oh love I never knew youjesslemmetouch: Vivi e lascia vivere69shadesofgayy: In lust we trustlion--ness: MeowMrowlandoflesbians: Hit me like a man.letmyroots-takeflight: The Frame and Focusqueercunts: Eat your heart out.faqoloqy: fag-ology: (n.)sapphoria: live-life-free: it's just me.theittybittytittycommittee: The Itty Bitty Titty Committeethedoctor-lovesriver: the doctor loves riversapphicnymph: Meme My Whole Asscarefullyshameless: Blerghstefdelima: tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learnphallic-symbolism: i don't fucking know eitherlaboratorioescondido: El Universo Complejo.somelesbian: Carpe diem, quam minimum credula posterofearlessly-afraid: Thoughtsicanhaveitalll: burning bridgesgayshitisay: Ramblings of a Homogayaboveusonlyskyy: In The End They'll Judge Me Anyway. 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Who are you?w33k3ndw4rrior: • Fated To Pretend •inspector-fagget: Nostalgias7ven-satellite: Fight or Flightnapoleonboneabark: The Cake Chroniclesizziabell: alwaystaygolden: change of pacevivere-da-soli: bruhtheblindvisionary: A Pair Of Eyes In A Blind Worldnutmeg101: femme-and-furious: fallen from gracecamdamage: the littlest giantcannotthinkstraight: your first breath in & the clock starts ticking..didwenotcare: Stupefykrazi1027: Revel in the Chaoscaliforniaexplicitdreams: • Amy-Louise •thepastremembersyou: “Somewhere in Neverland”looking-4-lily: You're the ocean and I'm good at drowningyelyahcamille: Art Makes Us Human.bornthisgayyy: The madhouseindustrialcarnage: Severed Connectionsshesmybutthead: To The Moonbored-chaos: Tell me about your day.thelesbianguide: The Lesbian Guidebask3tballgirl: Guilty Pleasureselectrafemme: diary of a monsterbeautifullyundressed: Beautifully Undressedlaaun: ermahgerditsbirdy: Bird Is The Wordbrittahkiin: nothing stands in our waybruffdog: Bruffdog.s1mpl3kind0fb3auty: Simply Beautifulviridieanfey: Screaming into the Voidplease-sing-to-me: You're as sensual as a pencilvodka-and-lesbians: landyke: Live Fast. 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It's me, Camarin.tamblintam: Tamblrkleemoney: super weenie hut jr.venusdoomx3: Awkward-Tomatuh♥currently-making-love: Nostalgia: (n.)seriouslyamerica: Seriously, USA?leftwiththetide: StayॐGold.youugotitduude: romanceofsouls: A Romance of Soulstimedoesflyohmy: What amuses meperambulatelove: With Freedom, Books, Flowers and The Moon.memoriesfargone: Still At Shoresuccubust: All You Need Is Oneohladieshowlovelyyouallare: Oh Ladies, How Lovely You All Are.caseyleighlovee: Medicatedrainbow-after-the-stormy: An angry queer ace writer's musings.emorenita: xocolatlliveonloud12: Women & Catsthisisthesign: just winging itrunlittlemaggots: Give 'Em Hell, Kidcoveredthetracks: long intervals of horrible sanityiamalavendermenace: Troubles Like Lemon Dropssweetbbyjeezis: "dam u str8 babygurl"fuckyeahilikechicks: I'm Not Sad Anymore I'm Just Tired of This Placesunsetovermontauk: and i will steal you away...my-promise-stays-true: Living is easy with eyes closedvolitionary: Knight in shining armor.ijustwannatouchit: Empty hapinessugh-who-invited-twoface: Wine Gums and Envysimplycomplextoria: Everything in Life is Simply Complexkks-world33: Call it a curse or Just call me Blessedshanesvoice: Shane's Voiceheartbeatmemory: Nature Ran Her Coursefustratedinlove: Jessie's Worldkleinmondsunrise: Claire Elisabethlesbian-sweethearts: Lesbian Sweetheartsmoedeliriousleo: Unscrew The Starssuccumb-to-your-passion: The Daily Challengedennissemonkey: DancingMonkey*skeletonsea: à la foliespaces-and-times: sienalivelovehealthy91: :)yung-snow-princess: TRILL ANNAmylifeaslesbian: My Life as Lesbianholdyourarrows: emilyalloverrr: you were screaming 'til the police came.touchmykittykat: 50 shades of fucked upwhatwasisupposetodo: We're different and it makes you sick.ladyskateee: C'est La Vieasbigasthesky: She lit up the candle and showed me the waywhatsantanadoesbest-scissoring: I Love You Like Never Beforeannaphylaxia: Strange girl in a strange world.meraki-eunoiaa: Namasteabcdefghijklyss: Dress me up in what you want me to bebroken-dreams-sink-in-tea: Can you hear me now?wnbachik442000: The Everyday Lifesexybitchrainbowswan: Witch-Wifeheroinbruises: nuclear seasonsdestinedforjohnlock: The Fangirl Who Couldkickit77: Gaysfordays.followthewhiterabbitmissalice: All the small thingscutelesbians: femme lesbians unite ~poison-and-wineee: follow your blissultra-skinny: This too Shall Passpussylagoon: pussylagoonwolfshroom: circlesowleyezzzz: Elposhsomuchmoresatan: So Much More Satancaseyfails: Que Sera, Seraterminator-in-couture: feed the madnesscatsdogslesbiansandbeyonce: Cats, Dogs, Lesbians, and Beyonce.


Jane Lynch. Cybill Shepherd. Naked Shane. What’s not to love?

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