About me
My name is Teagan. I'm a 20-something mostly gay chick, living & working in the DC area. I'm also an orgasm donor. I am single, but I am *not* looking for anyone right now. I also like to flirt a lot (even if you're a "straight" chick), but don't take it personally. ;-)

I use this Tumblr to post news, images, videos, and other stuff for and about gay girls and their total awesomeness. I generally follow back if I notice you following me (if I don't, hit on me and I'll notice that).

If you're a Republican, or vote for Republicans, let me know if I accidentally follow you. I have a policy that I don't follow or associate with people who vote for politicians who'd deny me basic human rights as a woman or a non-heterosexual. See the link in the list about for a much broader explanation of my reasoning for this.

And finally, by following me you affirm that you're gay or bisexual, OR that although you may label yourself as "straight," you'd "go there" with someone of the same sex if given the opportunity. I'll operate under this assumption. ;)

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